yes – you can achieve more – if you focus !

technology today – laptops , cellphones , tablets , social media , posts from friends , whatsapp , telegram , messages – all the distractions for you from morning to bed … makes the entire day disappear

sounds familiar ?

the thing that was supposed to make life easy – you can be reached anywhere – at home , in the office or in between – has now become a massive distraction

constant buzzing from messages , social media can ruin your life – humans are not good at multi-tasking

so this is what you do –

  • turn off notifications on your cell phone – you decide when you want to pick it up
  • limit your screen time
  • you plan your day – rather than the others plan it for you
  • seek solitude – go to a secluded place – in the forest , the woods , the mountain , the sea – whichever you prefer and meditate there for 30 mins to 1 hour every morning
  • the ideas will flow , the focus will be clear
  • seek a mentor who can work on your limitations
  • outsource your weaknesses – the skills that you are not good at
  • keep working and improving the skills that you are good at
  • if you have a product to launch , don’t wait for perfection , launch at 80 % , see the market reaction and keep improving – a permanent beta , if you will

when the ordinary see tragedy, the resilient see opportunity
when the ordinary retreat, the resilient reinvent

– Steve Gleason

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