social media – to be or not to be on it ?

the recent facebook controversy , where a lot of advertisers decided to stop advertising on facebook , has brought into forefront some controversial policies

facebook tried to use anger to drive people to it’s website – people commenting on issues – but it backfired

a lot of companies found it unacceptable to find it’s ad next to a racially charged comment. the effect snowballed and as a result , facebook had to review it’s policies.

the company is not new to controversies – the cambridge analytica scandal where the data of the users was harvested for political campaigning was also a major one

there has been a recent interview doing the rounds – mark zuckerberg interviewing dr fauci – saying he is not satisfied with the us covid 19 response – maybe trying to gather some viewers using anger again 🙂

a more recent issue with twitter was when around 130 accounts were hacked, asking them to transfer bitcoins to a particular account

so the issue is , does it help or not to be on social media anymore ?

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