charity and the energy flow of money

when you donate to good causes / charity , you are gathering good / happy energy for your money …it is being used to help others

you don’t have to donate large amounts , you can start with a small amount – something that does not hurt you at all , eg – if you drink a 5 dollars coffee everyday , you can stop this and donate the 100 dollars to charity ..

you can carry packets of non perishable items – small biscuits (eg parle g – they just cost 5 bucks ) in your car , if you see some needy people at a signal , asking for food or money , you can hand them these items.

the buddhist religion believes that the good karma is returned to you many-folds…

you can donate to causes related to covid 19 , for example – a lot of people are not able to sustain themselves – no work ( daily wage earners )

india and abroad – here are some agencies that you can donate to

  • – you can donate prepared food , raw material or a monetary donation
  • child relief and you
  • internationally , unicef

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