with jobs disappearing , people not paying income tax , how will the governments find new sources of revenue ?

india , after the lock down , started opening a few establishments – liquor shops and added a heavy tax to buy them . there has been a new idea – delivering liquor at your doorstep. besides the medicines , liquor are the most popular – people are lining up to buy it ..

India also increased the tax on fuel ( petrol and diesel )

Other countries that are creating a new source of revenue

  • Saudi Arabia increased it’s value added tax (VAT) from 5 % to 15 % July 1 onwards
  • japan increased the sales tax some years ago – and it caused people to shop less
  • united arab emirates (uae) – introduced a value added tax of 5 % in 2018 and it caused people to shop less – and companies started laying off people to save costs .

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