the financial freedom blueprint – here it is

financial freedom is the state where your money is working for you – you don’t have to exchange your time for money anymore – you can live off your investments

it’s very simple

  • learn to live on less than you earn
  • have no debt
  • save 50 % or more of your income – use side gigs to earn extra money if you have to
  • put all your savings to work – there is nothing better than the stock market to build wealth – invest your money in the stock market

if you are not an expert in the stock picking , choose an index fund – they are low cost and mimic the stock market indices .

after 15 years of investing , you should have enough to retire . learn to live on 4 % or less of your capital.

  • Here are some stocks in the usa that have been on a tear in the last 5 years
  • you can see their appreciation in the last five years as follows
  • go to
  • type in the stock symbol and choose a period of 5 years

Past performance is no guarantee of future results – with that disclaimer and that investing in stocks is risky because it can lead to loss of capital , here are some stocks in the usa that have given fantastic returns over the last 5 years or so

  • amazon (amzn)
  • square (sq)
  • microsoft ( msft )
  • netflix (nflx)
  • shopify (Shop)
  • facebook (fb)
  • adobe (adbe)
  • paypal (pypl)
  • tesla (tsla)

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