how can you work more than 24 hours in a day ?

well , practically speaking , you cannot.

but this method uses money from the profits of your business . with money , you can buy other people’s time – like you have a day job where you trade your hours for a salary.

let’s assume you have a business that sells software . every time you sell the software , you make some money . with that money , you hire more people to write software. they write more software and it increases your profits . this cycle goes on and so , you are basically multiplying your time with the money generated from the business.

the concept is called using OPT ( other people’s time )

there is another concept called OPM ( Other people’s money ) . This is where you take a loan from a bank or the stock market to start a company . after a break-even period , your company starts to make profits . you return the loan amount and are now free to generate money of your own using other people’s time ( OPT ).

using these two concepts – OPT ( other people’s time ) and OPM ( other people’s money) , you can earn unlimited profits , theoretically.

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