earning extra money with side gigs in the shared economy

these days , you can earn extra money sharing your current resources . here are some ways you can extra money , besides your full time job

  • renting out spare rooms in your house via airbnb (www.airbnb.com) – this is an alternative to hotels
  • share your car on the days that you are not using them via platforms like : turo (www.turo.com) and zipcar (zipcar.com) – not available in all countries yet
  • offer your technical services on sites like fiverr ( http://www.fiverr.com ) and upwork ( http://www.upwork.com ) – e.g. if you are good at social marketing , you can look for clients looking to build their digital presence.
  • offer to take care of pets – dogs and cats for your neighbours – via the platform rover ( http://www.rover.com )
  • drive your car as a cab on the weekends via the car services like uber , lyft , didi , ola ,etc
  • learn stock trading and trade in various instruments like stocks , commodities and currencies ( you need to study technical analysis , have some spare cash to trade and will need a brokerage account ) – the availability of brokers varies from country to country

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