as the month of ramadan begins , let’s open our hearts to humanity …

donate to people in need , in india , at crowd funding platforms like , cry ( child relief and you –

in usa , some of them are goodwill , american red cross , ronald mcdonald’s house

in your country or local neighbourhood , find some cause worthy for you

unicef works in almost all countries – towards the various causes of children

if your employer has a scholarship fund , contribute a certain amount towards it . a small amount given by a large number of people can go a long way towards fulfilling the needs of someone

it does not have to be money , you can volunteer your time to teach someone or plant trees or clean up a beach

due to covid 19 , a lot of people have been rendered jobless – restaurant , hotels , airline workers , retail industry , daily wage earners in construction – they are unable to afford food , maybe we can find a way to support them .

in the buddhist religion , this is called making a deposit into the bank of good karma and it comes back manifold.

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