how to get rid of credit card debt

this course shows how you can say bye-bye to your credit card debt forever and maintain an excellent credit score .. contents

basics of finance

finance course for people getting married or just married

studies have proven that the reason most couples fight over is money .. this course will help improve financial compatibility between couples .. contents

personal finance and planning

this course describes how to maintain your personal finance and plan for various stages of your life

how to live for free till marriage

this course will show you how you can live for free from your first job till marriage and also give you a nice bulk amount payment for your first home with your spouse contents

teach your kids about money

they say that the right age to teach your kids about money is around 6 – 7 years .. that is where you show them the concept of earnings ( by giving them simple tasks like cleaning their room , loading up the dishwasher , etc.) you can also teach them about investing – by giving them an attractive rate of return – maintain their earnings in an excel file , show them the balance , investment returns .. maintain it like your stock portfolio ..

backup and contingency planning

as the saying goes , if you fail to plan , you are planning to fail.. this course teaches you how you to setup emergency funds and have a backup plan in place for financial stuff

how to get the rich people mindset

it teaches the way rich people think and act .. it is very different from the way middle class thinks ..

investing in real estate

real estate is real …it’s touchable .. the prices go up and down , but the home does not disappear’s tangible … learn how to invest and make money off real estate

how the top 1 percent of the world’s population think and what they do

this course shows the thinking of the top 1 % of the world

gold , silver , platinum

with the mass printing of paper money , could they be the future currencies ?

digital currencies (e.g. bitcoin) and their future

with paper currency costing so much to print , transport , store , guard and distribute , could digital currencies be the future .. transfer of money from one part of the world to another in a matter of seconds is now the norm …

achieving financial independence and financial freedom

you don’t have to wait till 60 to enjoy the life that you always wanted .. you could retire early ( in your 30’s or 40’s ) and do the kind of work that you wanted to do .. eg roam around the world .. living off your investments .. we will show you how in this course

enhancing personality / career management

personal productivity tips

this course shows how you can improve your personal productivity .. time management and being self aware of where you spend your time is part of it .. reading for self improvement or listening to podcasts

the best time of the day to do certain tasks

some people are morning people , some are night people .. this course will help you find which one you are and how to work according to your bio rhythm cycles ..

how and when to ask for a salary raise / hike

the best method , and the best time and the best day to ask for that well deserved salary raise / hike

style with substance

how to create a personality with full of style and substance

communication skills

the most elusive skills … communication .. verbal and non – verbal communication .. improving your body language

charisma with character

how to build a charismatic personality .. the one thing that creates visionary leaders

integrity with image

how to build integrity and a good image

emotional intelligence

how to build up emotional intelligence .. read human emotions .. after all people like to deal with people .. the better you can read emotions , the better you will do in life

team building

the core of any business is a team .. a set of individuals with skills that complement that each other .. business is a team sport and you need players from all teams working together to make it successful

interview skills

how to interview ? what to look for in the person ?

customer care

a customer facing job is the one of the most important ones .. you are the face of the company .. how to excel at it ?


as a leader , your job is to motivate people to get them to the vision of the company .. this course will show you how you can light the fire in the employee’s belly to get them to perform and motivate them with things other than just money ..

selling skills

whether asking for a salary hike or the next level of the assignment , selling is an essential skill to learn .. the earlier you learn how to sell … the better .. you have to sell your solution within the organization as well

public speaking skills

this is an essential trait for a leader , along with motivation , selling .. to stand or sit in front of a crowd and talk for some time .. is gut wrenching for almost all people .. but there are ways to overcome it

how to navigate office politics

groups , getting on the good side of the boss , getting things done from people , how to find out which boss has the upper hand , moving up the career ladder .. all the things will be taught here

how to appear confident and successful

the big tasks are given to people who have the ability to do them or have proven themselves in the past … how to be that person .. this course will show you that ..

routine of successful people

do you think successful people wake up early , read more , watch less movies , limit social media time , make decisions faster , dream and think of a better future , plan their legacy .. a resounding yes to all .. this course will teach you how to become extra-ordinary , learn more and become successful yourself …

time and stress management

this course will show you how to manage stress in your life .. some people like to listen to soothing music while working .. some like flowers .. this course will show you how to handle the various types of stress and how to handle them

startups , business , stock market

stock market – technical analysis

this course teaches you the secret to making money from anywhere , in any country , in the stock , commodities and currency market … contents ….

secrets of successful businesses

this course shares the traits of the successful businesses

startups – everything you wanted to know about them

from the generation of an idea to execution , from marketing to selling .. the basics to the advanced topics .. all will be covered by this course

how to grow and scale up your business

startup is one thing .. how to procure capital , raising money from the various seeding rounds , to going public

generating ideas . where do ideas come from ?

this course will help you find ideas and keep on generating them ..they say that the trick to getting good ideas is to have a lot of them . .. even some crappy / bad ones

direct marketing and cold calling

this course will show you the cheapest way of getting your foot in the door of a new business .. on the condition that you prove that you are providing value

business models of successful companies

this course will take you through the business models of some successful companies

marketing on a small budget – leveraging social media

ever since the arrival of social media – the advertising has become so much cheaper – twitter , facebook , google , you tube , whatsapp , snapchat , tiktok and the others .. it has become very easy to advertise your business on as little as 5 cents per click and you can track it based on where it came from , what was the age group and other details

the apple marketing machine and what we can learn from them

there are a few good marketing companies in the world – nike , apple , what we can learn from these companies from the point of marketing

stories from the best customer service companies in the world

zappos , an online shoe selling company would accept a return from any customer if they were not happy with the shoe purchased .. no matter how old the shoe was .. this was unheard of .. ultimately , amazon purchased zappos for 1 billion us dollars ..

finding / creating businesses based on non-existing markets

this course will tell you how you can create and be the first to an entirely new market and own it .. have the first mover advantage

the art of selling

this course will tell you how to sell … the days of the pushy sales person are over.. these days it’s all about brand recall , value addition , educating the customer , being their friend than worrying about your commission … putting yourself in the shoes of the customer

what is passive income and how to build different revenue streams

this course differentiates between active income – where you exchange time for money and passive income – where you do the hard work upfront and then this creation generates money for you – it could be be a book , an online course , a song , a movie , some royalty generating item .. anything ..

it also shows you how you can build different revenue streams – eg from real estate – rent is paid by your tenants , books , royalties , etc.