courses listed as per category

basics of finance

personal finance and planning

backup and contingency planning

gold , silver , platinum – (bullion) could they be the future currencies ?

Digital Currencies (e.g. Bitcoin) and their future

how to live for almost free till marriage

how to get the rich people mindset

how to get rid of credit card debt

Teach your kids about money

investing in real estate

how the top 1 percent of the world’s population think and what they do

Finance course for people just married or getting married

achieving financial independence and financial freedom

enhancing personality / career management

Personal Productivity Tips

Style with substance

Integrity with image

Leadership skills


How to navigate office politics

The best time of the day to do certain tasks

Communication skills

Emotional intelligence

Interview Skills

Selling skills

Improving productivity , time management

Routine of successful people

How and when to ask for a salary raise / hike

Charisma with character

Team building

Customer care

Public speaking skills

How to appear confident and successful

Time and stress management

startups, business, stock market

stock market – technical analysis

secrets of successful businesses

startups – everything you wanted to know about them

generating capital through stock , commodities and currencies trading

how to grow and scale your business

generating ideas and where do ideas come from

direct marketing and cold calling

the apple marketing machine and what we can learn from them

the art of selling

business models of successful companies

stories from the best customer service companies in the world

what is passive income and how to build different revenue streams

marketing on a small budget – leveraging social media

finding / creating businesses based on non existing markets – be the first to an entirely new market

We gave finance lessons to IBM India employees from 2011 to 2014