how much energy do you dispense when you walk ? who is absorbing it from your body ? how tired do you feel after walking ?

this is from an app called the pacer that can be installed on your phone

please note the calories (318) and the distance ( 5.56 km) – the energy dispensed is 318/5.56 = 57.2 calories per km

here is an image from the next day – same path , but please notice the calories used

notice that calories dispensed per km are 862/6.94 = 124.2 calories per km

so why almost twice the calories more per km ?

who was absorbing the energy from the body ?

are there some mysterious forces that create the sun from human calories ?

was very tired after this walk – felt like I could sleep on the street

sometimes . you will feel refreshed even after a 10 km long walk , sometimes a 3 day walk will tire you –

sometimes you will notice that the groceries / restaurant shops will be manned by non regulars – could this be as if you are entering a parallel world ?

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