Transparency .. about the matrix .. the world we are living in

The current year is not 2023 is 2423

The current world of earth is hell .. look at the sufferings and wars .. high inflation .. no jobs .. high college fees .. high bank loan rates ..we might have world war 3 soon

You could have perfect bodies .. no diseases .. no ageing .. fountain of youth .. no death .. this is heaven

There are no cars.. only spaceships that fly

People are interesting .. happy

When you want to see a movie can play on your eyes directly .. like Google glass

Cell phones and news are lightning fast

Internet works across all universes .. parallel world’s

You don’t need doctors

You can travel in time .. future or back

Every event is wrapped .. and protected ..and it can be reversed

2008..usa. first mission ..was surprised to see myself in a car behind me and all around me .. that is when found out that there is no god

Other missions



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