How to confuse a clone ..

They have no idea of visas .. future is one world .. one currency..there is no money in the future..just barter

They don’t have any idea about countries .. places .. locations ..

Their car is a spaceship

They don’t have documentation

You can tell them road on the left is usa .. on the right is canada and they will believe you .. tried this in india with an uber driver and he did not look at me crazily .. so he was one i guess ..around nov 2018

Was trying to confuse some cabbies in dubai by handing them the wrong currency

Once in dubai .. someone from the future parked his spaceship in a building that said museum of the future.. he must have heard that museums pay well

Once in dubai .. i sat on a seat at a train station for 4 hours and clones started pouring in . They think it is perfectly normal to sit at a train station for that long

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