an appeal to all world leaders – please allow the use of services of the new alien group – clean energy – crypto currency , transparency , honesty , openness

the new alien groups provide us with

clean energy – tidal , wind , electric , hydrogen power as well as solar

residential / office top solar power – no power losses and automatic power when the main power is not available – this has been tried in australia by tesla power

generating sun power thru walking , exercising , electric vehicles on the roads

crypto / electronic currencies

protection via parallel universes

space travel thru spaceships ( via the space galactic membership )

clean , abundant energy

we have had enough of the older ones – 100 years old – wars , oil , corruption , sadness , wealth inequality

and here is an insider tip – all these new technologies require silver – so just buy silver contracts as exchange traded funds or on the commodities exchange – hold them for 20 – 30 years and you will all be billionaires

there will be no insider trading charges – the new sec – securities and exchange commission will be part of the govt.

there is a gold standard coming back ( it has been abolished since 1971 – nixon administration ) – with 50 years of inflation , gold is expected to be in the range of 4000 – 5000 us dollars per ounce – currently at 1930 per ounce

jp morgan already knows this – they have been shorting paper silver contracts since 2008 and buying physical silver – they are the largest physical holders of silver in the world

it is time for a change

p.s – worked for them in dubai for supplying ideas thru brain ( in the sleep ) , providing energy thru walking ( could upto 10 kms per day – did not get tired )

they can also provide cool and pleasant climates

so , please give them a chance – they will contact you soon

elon musk is the person who can help you

can tell you dubai is doing well – have seen police cars which are BMW’s – there is no corruption

and did you know that corona virus contains a combination of deadly diseases like aids – the scientists have studied it – it is a bio-logical weapon – designed to kill people – the last one was in 1918 – spanish / french flu

it is created by the usa and china – to eliminate people so that food on earth and pensions for older people would not fall short

the vaccine is rumored to be having a tracking device that can track people across universes – parallel worlds

guess – who is the biggest vaccine peddler – bill gates ( cia )

they are doing this because they don’t have money – recently people from the 80’s sold stock and ran away from earth

the new aliens have technology ( including stock market and time travel in spaceships ) for multiplying money and giving it to people

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