inflation is causing people to let go of comforts

listening to music on a smartphone

recently spotify announced that it is cutting 6 % of it’s jobs

since the music streaming service earns money from subscriptions , it looks like people are cutting back on comforts of ad free music

so here is what someone had said – don’t love your employer too much , they might not love you back

thank you joe biden for the war – printing money and sending it to ukraine ?

thank you janet yellen , chair powell for the inflation and now the recession ( yo yo between rate hikes and rate cuts )

ready for a rate cut now ?

please admit that cryptocurrencies will cut your superpower to print unlimited money and cause inflation and control the flow of money

no central banker is in favor of crypto – now you know why …

federal reserve – how is the insider trading working out – minting money now ? helping senators out too – well don’t worry , with your corrupt government , they will go scott free

want proof that senators do insider trading – here is the link : news here

citizens of the usa – please vote for someone younger , with more energy , the next elections

someone who is not a russian puppet and launder russian black money with his huge real estate projects

your elected government is royally taking you for a ride

all wars are a distraction from the real issue – right now the ukraine war is a distraction from unemployment , high inflation , poor economic conditions , a massive wealth transfer from the poor to the rich

do you know that you are paying 3 times more for eggs than 1 year before ? no .. that is because it is not on the news

your groceries sizes are getting smaller – the same money buys you less – welcome to shrinkflation

who is really running the usa – not these incompetent politicians , for sure

looks like the politicians are being bought with money – they are called campaign donations – when they get elected , they are supposed to pay back their donors

why so many wars ? iraq war – bush and cheney , still searching for the weapons of mass destruction , are we ? did you attack them for oil ?

how is afghanistan ? did you attack them for their heroin and opium ?

rumors are the government has been infiltrated by aliens ( yes they exist ) – proof here

there have been good books on aliens – one of them is : alien agenda – jim marrs

the agenda could be – get people so disgusted that they get ready to be taken over by another race and then enslave them

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