can the flow of time be slowed down or reversed ? an analog watch and a digital watch time difference will tell you

gray double bell clock

you feel that on some days time flows by really fast and some other days – it does not even move

einstein is said to have said – when you are with a really beautiful girl, time moves really fast – maybe this was the theory of relativity

on a more serious note

learn to observe the second hand on an analog watch very carefully – you will notice that sometimes it skips a beat or there is some time stolen from it

whereas with a digital watch , the time is synchronized

so , if you want to see if there is something happening with time in the universe – compare the time between an analog watch and a digital watch – if you see a huge gap , something is amiss – something in the universe was reversed or is being recreated

aliens control time – sometimes rogue agents will try to blow up something/ do some mischief – the protectors of the universe are bring it back

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