aliens in the form of clones on earth ?

planet earth

there are some countries which have travel / visitor visas for travelers

looks like aliens also visit earth , in the form of humans – like in the movie : men in black , starring will smith

and they need money to live and they don’t know how to earn

so it seems they find someone who has some and assume their form and just eliminate them and take their form

is it happening now – who knows ?

sometimes the aliens get help from three letter agencies ( who have access to bank accounts ) and they take their form

of course , aliens have access to spaceships , which can be used as time machines to go back and forth in time and make money

if they find out that someone is very rich, they would come down and buy an expensive car ( like a jaguar ) and duplicate them

let’s say for example they find out that someone spends time at mcdonalds and they can they go there and scan their body to duplicate them

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