some good science fiction movies

food snack popcorn movie theater

movie : paycheck – starring ben affleck and uma thurman – basically building a time machine by seeing around the curvature of the earth to see the future

star trek series – the episodes of a spaceship ncc 1703 – build 300 – 400 years from now – and there is plenty of time travel using time warp speed – this can be used to travel back and forth in time – buy and sell stocks , bet on the games and make a killing

the matrix – keanu reeves – human beings have been provided a stomach to generate energy for a higher power , that powers the sun – which in turn provides food from crops , oxygen and water via trees – the entire eco system is dependent on each other

jupiter ascending – earth is part of an intergalaxy family and they own the patents to all technology – eg cell phones , computers – humans pay for their use via a license fee

a quarrel between the kids of the owners of earth results in two giant towers in a major usa city get destroyed by alien drones ( disguised as planes ) and also a major defence centre gets taken out

the island – ewan mcgregor , scarlett johannson – famous people create duplicates / clones in case of sickness / organ harvesting in a facility run by a doctor

x-men – where somewhere powerful enough can read minds of people sitting on a laptop via high speed internet connection

an unknown movie ( name not recollected now )

aliens visit the earth in human form – they don’t know what to look like – so they look at expired visas of some people of countries and look like them – some others look at the people driving in cars below them and make themselves a copy of them – basically they are gods and create humans out of thin air / themselves

aliens have lost the ability to re-produce and they are now building a hybrid race between aliens and humans – some 8 feet tall

aliens don’t need cars – they convert their spaceships to cars and roam around the roads – they have no idea of countries , geographies and communicate via telepathy – they have superior technology and cannot be detected by human police

aliens can scan any body part from a remote distance – for example the nose to see if there is a history of you know ( abuse )

there is a special type of police that can detect aliens in human form ( something in their eyes maybe ) – they never have driving licenses , insurance , driving records, finger prints – they are basically ghosts who come and disappear

there are a group of people who are very good at solving problems and aliens approach them in the sleep to solve their problems – the person does not even know they had a dream and that they solved any issues – it is all erased and they forget the dream by morning

the very established people on earth are from the alien families – eg – the founder of a very famous operating system company , electric car pioneers – they are basically peddlers of alien technology

rumors are that the personal computer is reverse engineered from a coke can sized computer that could project images on the mind of the person operating it

somewhere on earth , in un-inhabitable places , there exists a group of protectors – they have the ability to see the future – 10 – 20 years in advance and they can take steps to prevent bad events like nuclear wars ( maybe artic circle/ antartica continents ) – time moves in reverse in these areas

if clones can be created out of thin air – is there really a god ?

who runs the religions and churches – and why is there a recession so often – so you go out , pray and donate money and do charity – and guess who runs these religious organizations – you guessed it – the secret society ..

celebrities are used an influencers and for distraction – they are too pretty – no guesses – they are aliens too

the question is – is there something called science fiction ? the current age computer tablets look exactly like the computers from star trek series ( from the 1960’s ) – reverse engineering ?

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