are science fiction movies real ?

what if science fiction movies are real ?

x – men – a man could sit and scan the minds of people sitting in front of a laptop with a high speed internet

star trek – ncc 1703 spaceship that can travel faster than light and hence time travel – you can go back in time , buy stocks , come back to the future time and sell them and keep on repeating – unlimited money 🙂

star trek – ncc 1703 – it was a series in the 1960’s , it had the modern communicator – today’s cellphone , a touch screen device – modern day tablet … could it be that they travelled back in time and we reverse engineered the technologies from them ? jericho turnpike – satellite images of danbury , ct , usa – oct 2 2008 , 11:15 pm eastern time

inception – where people can hack into dreams – get into someone’s mind , read their thoughts , implant ideas into their head

matrix – where the world you live in is a computer generated world , designed by machines , the sun is created artificially using the power generated by human beings – where the human beings are just a power source ( artificial sun – china )

men in black – aliens from other worlds living on earth , using their technology as leverage to license and generate revenue for them

jupiter ascending – what if earth was part of an inheritance of a royal intergalactic family , we humans use technology licensed from them and pay a huge royalty for doing so – computers , cars , power , all licensed from their technology and some technologies that are not yet licensed , like fast construction.

a company in uk , pavegen ( , converts human footsteps to energy – when people walk on a specially designed pavement , the energy is converted into electricity for powering the smart grid – can reduce carbon footprints

in tel aviv , israel , they have started an experiment – where the roads on which the cars move can charge the car’s batteries – so basically the movement of the car itself charges the car .. making the car footprint carbon neutral

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